Philip stripping and grabbing his dick

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Philip is a slim guy with bigs pecs and a hard cock. When he is not studying, you can find him in the gym, where he is either working out or doing some personal training. The first thing we noticed about this dirty blond stud when he took off his clothes was his hot bubble butt, which is accentuated by a nice tan.

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Philip works up his cock on the bed – he has a really nice big head on his cock, and as he strokes his dick, he works his fingers around the head. Philip at some points closes his eyes as he jerks off, and we wonder what types of fantasies are going through his head. It must involve fucking, because before long he is flat on the bed, humping as if he was in the midst of a hot session. His body is fluid as he pleasures himself, and we get to see his butt and back moving in a sexy rythmn. Before long Philip flips over and works up to a climax. The juicy cum oozes out of his cock and he relaxes for a few seconds as his breathing calms down. Click here to see more hot gay sex photos on over to Eurotwinkin now!