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Benn Heights and Kory Houston together are fucking hot! Benn Heights is one of the best tops around, and Kory Houston really proves himself by taking a terrific deep pounding from one of best. After making out and trading blowjobs, Benn turns Kory upside down and goes nuts on Korys hot pink asshole with his tongue.

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Spreading his ass and spitting into his hole, Benn really gets Kory ready for what is to come – and you can tell Kory is already in ecstasy. Kory bends over the bed with one leg up for better penetration and Benn goes to town. Once Kory is nice and loose, he lets Benn lie on his back and rides the hell out of Benns dick. Kory feels every stroke, and he is loving every inch of Benns uncut cock. Benn by this point is out of control. Benn flips Kory onto his back and fucks Kory better than he has ever been fucked. The cumshots are intense in this scene, for good reason! Click here to see more hot gay sex photos on over to Thickandbig now!