Wanking Out A Load With Wade

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Wade is a muscle stud with a nice body and an incredibly big cock. The bulge coming out of his swimsuit after hopping out of the pool must be a sight to see! Wade came over one afternoon, and we were immediately impressed with his looks, his personality, and his sense of style. Wade tells us about his relatively low-key student life right before stripping out of his shorts and popping a tremendous boner.

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Wade sits down and works on his dick, quickly getting into the vibe. He leans back and sighs as he lets his fingers work over his lubed-up dick, and from what we can tell he is extremely happy that he is getting off. Wade fortunately gives us a little show of ass-play as well, and when his legs are up in the air you can just imagine other things he might be doing other than jerking off. Wade turns onto his side and really begins to pump his dick hard. Working up a sweat and moaning a little bit, Wade ends up spurting out a huge load of man-juice, and with that done, he gives a big sigh of satisfaction. Click here to see more hot gay sex photos on over to Ukhotjocks now!