Sean and Jarett go wild in 69 position sucking each other

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Sean Wade makes Jarett Fox one of the happiest bottoms alive in this awesome fuck! Sean and Jarett are rock hard from the start, and Jarett loves trying to stuff his mouth full of Seans stiff latin dick. Jarett slurps and sucks like the great dick-sucker he is, and after a while he hops on top of Sean in a 69 and continues to stuff it down his throat.

Sean Wade fucks Jarett Fox

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Sean grabs a dildo and loosens up Jarett with it as the two continue to suck each other off. Before long, Jarett is on his back as Sean slowly enters Jaretts firm tight hole. Sean gives it to Jarett, but not before he turns him over onto his knees doggie style. At this point, Sean lets loose, fucking the shit out of Jarett – who is loving every minute of it and staying hard as a rock himself. On their sides, Sean continues to pound into Jarett, passionately kissing him as he forcefully fucks him. Jarett blows his load and Sean does the same. These two buddies make out a while longer – not wanting it to end.