Leo Marco Blowing And Getting Fucked

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Ethan White and his big cock meet Leo Marco and his amazing butt in this hot fuck! Leo has a nice body and a great ass – it is even better that he always seems hungrier for dick than he he was the last time we saw him. Ethan understands this and gives it to Leo hardcore. Ethan – with his raging boner, gives Leo head and then shoves his own dick into Leos willing mouth.

Ethan White fucks Leo Marco

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It seems like Ethans main goal is to make sure Leos throat is nice and loosened up just as his ass is about to be. Ethan then bends Leo over, straps on his condom, and slides his cock right into to Leos hole. Not satisfied with getting Leo in doggie style, Ethan has Leo lie flat on his stomach and adjusts himself over Leo for maximum penetration. With Leo right where he wants him, Ethan plows away – and Ethan is obviously in heaven feeling his dick slide smoothly and deeply into Leos tight ass. Flipped over on his back, Ethan fucks the cum right out of Leo before dumping his own load all over Leos hot natural bod. Click here to see more hot gay sex photos on over to LollipopTwinks now!