Dan Jenkins Getting His Asshole Drilled

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Dan Jenkins rocks it out with Aaron Aurora in an especially hard pounding session. Even though he loves to fuck, he seems almost insatiable – and unable to wait for Aaron to stick it in. Dan goes down on Aaron to get a taste of the cock that is about to be in his ass.

Aaron Aurora fucks Dan Jenkins

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His deepthroating is getting much better, but Aaron has to get down on Dan to show him how to give a really great, sloppy blowjob. Aaron devours Dans cock over and over, then just as eagerly flips Dan over and tongues his hole to get him prepared. After he has rimmed Dan for a few hot minutes, Aaron stands up and enters Dans awaiting hole. Hot, sexy hole is nothing new to Aaron, but he enjoys Dans butt so much you would think it was his first time! After Aaron flips Dan over, Dan begins jerking his thick cock to the rythm of Aarons pounding, and Dan moans quietly before busting a fat one. Click here to see more hot gay sex photos on over to Txxxmstudios now!