Cute boyfriends Blake and Sean make anal fuck-fest

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Blake Mitchell and Sean Ford take us all on a ride that we do not want to get off! Blake grabs Sean by the neck and pulls him in for a passionate kiss, and the action gets only better from there! Sean loves dick, and Blake – with his thick piece of uncut meat – provides the perfect tool for Sean to work on. As Sean sucks, slurps, and licks his way over Blakes dick, Blake gets pretty excited.

Blake Mitchell fucks Sean Ford

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Blake returns the favor, appreciating Seans dick in his mouth. Blake deep throats Sean, and Sean clearly loves the attention. That attention, however, soon turns to Seans hole. Fresh, pink, and young, Seans hole is tight, but Blake slides his thick one in slowly to get Sean acclimated. Before long, Blake is pumping away so hard that Sean is biting the bed sheets. Blake fucks like a stallion, and to see Sean on the receiving end is amazing! Sean decides to hop on for a ride, and as he fits Blakes cock all the way inside him, Blake moans with pleasure. Blake gives Sean a reach around as Sean bounces up and down. Soon, Sean is on his back with Blake continuing to plow away. Sean cums really hard as Blake thrusts in and out, and soon Blake dumps a huge wad of jizz all over.

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