Slow Stroking With Dean Monroe

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Dean Monroe is a sexy stud, with a good amount of hair and a great amount of charm. Maybe it is the beard, but Dean has a rugged look that we really like. We like him even more, though, because he loves to show off his bod. Dean gets out of his clothes – giving a strip tease of sort, and reveals a fit body. His dick is nice, too!

Dean Monroe Solo

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He works up his dick and plays with it, giving glimpses at the camera and coyly smiling. Dean is an obvious flirt, so his show is a good one. After jerking off on the arm of the couch, he makes himself more comfortable, getting into the swing of it. His cock and balls are very nice – and Dean loves playing with the tip of his cock-head. He really gets going once he is lying on his back, however. Once he is all set, he furiously beats his meat until he explodes with a nice load of creamy white cum. Just the kind of steam that needed to be let off! Enjoy more gay photos at Highperformancemen here!