Oakes goes bottom for Rick and enjoys riding his dick

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Rick Chester and Oakes Cutie make out and rub their throbbing uncut dicks against each other. The bigger pleasure is what comes next – Rick fucks the shit out of Oakes! This fuck is spectacular. After getting to know one another, so to speak, Oakes and Rick trade blowjobs. Each of them love having another thick pole in his mouth, and both of them give special attention to each others balls and dick-head.

Rick Chester fucks Oakes Cutie

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As Oakes hops on his knees and sticks his ass in the air, Rick is in heaven, and he is soon sliding his cock in and out of Oakess sweet asshole. Once Rick gets Oakes accustomed to his large cock, he lies on the bed and lets Oakes ride him. Oakes rides Ricks dick like a champ – this is a must see! Trading a few kisses, Rick and Oakes fuck like rabbits as Oakes takes it balls deep and loves every minute of it. Rick soon flips Oakes over onto his back, and the pair continue to fuck hard. Oakes is getting railed hard, and Rick takes every opportunity to savor the moment. Oakess cumshot is stupendous! He must really love Ricks fucking, because it is the biggest load we have seen from him! Rick – not to be outdone – dumps another huge load all over Oakes before they embrace. Click here to see more hot gay sex photos on over to Amateursdoit now!