Kyler pounds Ethan’s tight little asshole

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Kyler Moss is back, this time to break in newbie Ethan Fox. Ethan seems to take to big tall guys, so we thought that Kyler and he would be a perfect match! Ethan has a nice buble butt that really turns Kyler on, but it is Ethan who seems the most excited at first. Straddling Kyler, Ethan kisses Kyler all over, and they make out in their shorts until Ethan cannot stand it anymore and dives right down for Kylers cock.

Kyler Moss fucks Ethan Fox

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Ethan worhsips Kylers dick, making love to it with his mouth. Kyler absolutely loves a good head job, and you can tell he is in heaven! Kyler returns the favor, deep throating Ethan and licking his cock up and down, too. Kyler seems to be a little more interested, however, in getting his pole in Ethans hot ass, and before long, Kyler has Ethan on the floor with his ass up in the air! Kyler pounds Ethan hard and deep – with each stroke Ethans hot butt slaps against Kyler and gets him even more turned on. Kyler has not had a good fuck in a while, apparently, because he is extra turned on. And Ethan loves it too! Once Ethan is on his back, Kyler fucks the cum out of him and then dumps his own load all over. Click here to see more hot gay sex photos on over to Baretwinks now!