John pounds Nick’s tight asshole

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Nick Daniels starts off by gently kissing John Parker, and the two undress each other. Even though John was a little nervous about being kissed and touched by a man for the first time, John is thankfully a fun, experimental type of guy. When the pants come off, Nick is on Johns cock like a fly on fruit, and John certainly does not mind all the attention.

John Parker fucks Nick Daniels

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Nick plays with John cock-head with his tongue, deep-throats the monster cock, plays with the balls, and generally shows John what a great BJ can be like. To up the ante a little further, John experiments with some guy-on-guy assplay for the first time, too! Nick bends over and John works in a pleasure toy up Nicks ass – and even though he is gentle at first, Nick is begging for more. John gives it good to Nick, all the while stroking his long hard dick and occassionally going down for another kiss. Nick wants to finish John off, and as John lays back to enjoy it, Nick keeps the dildo in his ass, getting ready to bust a huge load. Nick cums while sucking off John, and then Nick makes John shoot a huge load. Click here to see more hot gay sex photos on over to Fapboys now!