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James Roxxbury is a very horny twink who loves to wank and shoot his cum from his big dick . At the same time he is quite friendly, and his sheltered background has made him curious as he reaches a stage where his hormones are raging more than ever. Jamess first step in his journey is his jerk-off scene, and he seems a little nervous at first.

James Jerking Off

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Eager to please though, he soon gets really into the feeling of stroking his lubed up cock, and after a few moments starts breathing heavier. As he gets even more comfortable, James lifts his leg up and reveals his virgin hole. It looks very inviting! James plays around his hole a bit with his fingers before continuing his cock-stroking. Lying flat on the floor, James begins to wank of more furiously than ever, and as his pale skin turns flush, his breathing becomes heavier, and his lower body trembles. James lets out a hot load of twenty year old cum, and with that, James continues to slowly caress his pole. Hot solo from a hot young guy at NextDoorWorld!