Gay boys Sebastian and Mat suck off on the couch

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Sebastian Young and Matt Havoc met recently and after the two of them talking, Sebastian was very excited to be Matts first male-on-male scene partner. Matt and Sebastian please each other orally in this video – just two college dudes doing what comes naturally to them. Sebastian and Matt make out, and both of them have big boners popping out of their pants in no time.

Sebastian sucks Matt's cock

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Sebastian drops to his knees to admire Matts massive dick, and Sebastians mouth is soon wrapped around it. Sebastian makes love with his mouth to Matts cock, and Matt admitted later it was one of the best BJs he has ever gotten. Matts turn comes, and Matt is ravenous on Sebastian, slurping, licking, and trying to deep-throat Sebastian as Sebastian is moved by the warmth of Matts mouth as well as his technique. Matt seems to absolutely love cock-sucking, especially if that cock is attached to another athletic bro like himself. Sebastian takes another turn before they are finished, and he cannot help himself and blows a huge load while Matts cock is half-way down his throat. Pretty soon Matt shoots a big load, too, and rubs his cock all over Sebastians face.