Devin Dixon BareBangs Connor Chesney

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Connor Chesney is hella sexy for a 22 year old. His hairy chest and scruffy face indicate a real masculine, aggressive guy. Lucky for Devin Dixon, Connor got the chance to show us all what he is made of! Connor and Devin make out, but eager Devin is soon down on Connors dick, gulping down his cock, deep-throating him over and over again, and generally turning several minutes into a cock-worshipping session.

Connor Chesney sucks big cock

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Connor has other plans in mind, however, and soon Devin has his ass in the air eager to take Connor on. Connor dives right in, enjoying every second of pounding Devin. The way Devins ass looks getting fucked doggie is a definite turn-on to Connor, who soon lets Devin take over the work. Devin rides Connor in his typical cock-hungry style, to the point that Connor is surprised at just how intense the feeling is. Once Connor has Devin on his back, though, he lets himself completely loose, and gives Devin a fuck he will not forget for a while. Devin cums a lot while Connor is pounding away, and Connor gets off seeing Devin covered in cum with a gaping freshly fucked hole. Click here for more gay photos at NextDoorTwink!