Aiden Summers Takes A Rough Ride

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Ty Roderick and Aiden Summers are two of the most sensual guys we know, so pairing them together was a hot time! Ty and Aiden hit it off well, making out and slowly undressing each other. Before long, Aiden is eagerly sucking Ty off, licking the head of his cock and finding out how far down he can go. Ty is obviously loving every second – he moans in pleasure every time Aiden wraps his lips around his dick.

Ty Roderick fucks Aiden Summers

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Ty takes a turn on Aidens cock as well, going down and licking all around. What both of these guys is really interested in, however, is some hot fucking. Ty puts Aiden on his side and proceeds to slide his thick latin dick up Aidens hole. Aiden winces at first, not used to a cock that big, but after a second he is loving it. Aiden has very little experience with cocks as big as Ty, and his tight little butthole drives Ty crazy. Soon enough, Aiden is loose enough to start riding. Ty sits down and Aiden takes over, pumping his ass up and down on Tys dick until he cannot stand it anymore. Aiden cums a huge load, and Ty follows shortly there after. Enjoy more gay photos at Iconmale here!