A Real Plunging Fuck For Jake Nelson

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Duncan Black and Jake Nelson make a great pair! Duncan is the ultimate take-charge type of guy, and Jake loves a dominant partner. The scene sizzles as Duncan and Jake kiss and rub all up and down over each others bodies, and you can tell Jake is eager to get Duncans giant uncut cock down his throat. Jake makes love to Duncans dick, making sure that his top is enjoying every minutes of a hot BJ.

Duncan Black fucks Jake Nelson

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Duncan gives Jake some oral pleasure, too, but you can tell that Duncan is more interested in bending Jake over and exploring his hole. Duncan eases his big dick into Jakes ass at first, then he gives Jake a proper pounding! Jake loves taking it from behind as Duncan and he stand next to the couch going at it, but soon Jake is lying down to better take advantage of Duncans cock going deeper. Duncan and Jake fuck furiously and enjoy every second of it, until Duncan fucks the cum out of Jake and then dumps his warm load all over him. Click here for more gay photos at Cockvirgins!